Thursday, 16 June 2011

#15 : About Me

I'm just a girl with a simple life. I got no money in my pocket. I do mistakes often. I laugh so hard. I pissed. I'm not rich. I got no Gucci on my list. Got no VIP treatment. And, etc etc. I'm not popular so i might not fit CERTAIN PEOPLE's standard.

I met my sisterhoods and brotherhoods in life. Childhood, highschool, National Service and university. The right ones, the wrong ones. Those people that i would never trade cause you guys are my life.

I fell in love and I flunked but never give up in searching and waiting for the one. And at last, I found one. My missing puzzle piece. My other half. He's a drug and yeah, I'm addicted.
I swear in the name of God, I'm in love with this man. Truly madly deeply.

P/s : by reading my 'About Me' doesn't mean you know the WHOLE thing about my life. You know my name, not my story. So don't throw bullshits.Au revoir :)

#14 : It's on my birthday.

Now, we are official. Taken by Amirul Affan bin Ardi.
I love you to infinity and beyond :)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

#13 : In a minute.

Gonna meet Nicca within an hour. We both need to talk and yes, we have SO MANY THINGS TO BE TALKED ABOUT. Hihihi. I miss her.
Oh ya, gonna tell the boyfriend afterwards. Haven't tell him yet about this. Sorry, honey :3
Okay gotta get myself a clothe on. Kbai!

#12 : I miss you, dude.

I miss my other half. I miss him. I know we met last night but still, I miss him.
Sigh. Gonna get used to this,
I love you, Triple A.

Friday, 10 June 2011

#11 : I miss you.

A night that full with random negative thoughts.
I remember that night when I can't go back home because someone is in my crib.
He took me somewhere and calm me down by holding my hands and give me words of motivation.
Then, Super Bass by Nicki Minaj was on air. That song, I dedicated to him. 
We listened to the song while holding each others hand.
I feel very calm and bliss. By that time, I think I found my other half. Yes, I do.
He's there with me through my thick and thin. Yes, he does.
And, we talked about marriage too. Maybe we're not planning fully but the root plan is there.
Haha. He knew that I want to build a house near the beach cause I want a privacy and outta town. He knew that I want a twins. Woohoo! Haha but he wants a baby boy first. Haha see? We planned out bit by bit of our future. It's my first time, talking to my boyfriend and discussing about future. Ain't that a bliss?
After few months meeting him and stuffs, I think i'm well enough to know what's his favourite and the do's and dont's. And yeah, he knew me very well now. January to June, maybe quite enough for him to observe me hihi. Sigh. I'm in love with this man.
I hope Allah will listen to our prayer. My prayer. His prayer. Amin.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

#10 : Bintang

Finally. I found the song that Atul and Nadey always sang during NS time.
Heee. These are the lyrics.

Bintang - Air

Bintang di langit
Kerlip engkau di sana
Memberi cahayanya di setiap insan
Malam yang dingin
Kuharap engkau datang
Memberi kerinduan di sela mimpi – mimpinya
Melangkah sendiri di tengah gelap malam
Hanya untuk mencuri jatuh sinaran
Tak terasa sang waktu
Melewati hidupnya
Tanda pagi menjelang
Mengganti malam
Oh bintang tetaplah… pastikan cahyanya
Sinari langkahku setiap saat
Bintang pun tersenyum… dengarkan pintaku
Berikan kecupan di sudut tidurnya

--> Rindu NS life aihh. Hmm.

#9 : Sleepover & Kuih Keria

Currently at Pzah's house.

At Pzah's house. Well, my second or 3rd sleepover at here.
Will be going back home tomorrow and yeah, ma man's gonna fetch me here :3
Okay I'm missing him now. Gotta go. Will update you guys later.
For sure banyak cerita panas that she mok share klak muahahaha k bye bye!